Free 21 Day Advent Calendar: Journey to Jesus

Join Julie on this daily meditation series as we go through a time of renewal and preparing our hearts, of waiting in joyful hope for God to fulfill his promise in Jesus’s birth at Christmas.

Just as January 1st elicits hope in a new year, Advent, the beginning of the liturgical year brings hope in the coming of Jesus.

Most people are too overwhelmed & stressed out about the shopping, decorations, gifts, wrapping, extra food, parties, family get togethers, decorations & cards to even think about taking time for themselves to prepare their hearts for Jesus to come.  

Instead of feeling more love, peace & joy, we feel frustrated, frazzled & overwhelmed by the over the top expectations we place on ourselves to make the perfect holiday season.  

Yet, all we really need to do.  All God asks of us to do is prepare.  Renew and open our hearts to receive the gift he’s given us.  Jesus.  

Take a Journey to Jesus this Advent as you take a few moments every day to quiet your body, mind & spirit and allow God to joyfully light your way to Jesus.

Fill your body, mind & spirit with the Prince of Peace this Advent and enjoy your countdown to Christmas instead of dreading it.

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